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review your primary sources of stress the next

day. Taking note of what difficulties are keeping

you from sleeping, such as awakenings and how

many hours of sleep per night you’re getting can

be extremely helpful. If later you speak with your

doctor, you will have specific information to share

with them about your problem.

Stop Trying So Hard

Being overly concerned about falling asleep only

adds to the stress that you are experiencing and

makes it almost impossible to sleep. If you feel

particularly restless, get up and go do something

relaxing until you feel tired enough to go to sleep

soundly, rather than tossing and turning all night

long. Getting five hours of quality sleep is better

than getting eight hours but constantly waking up.

Sleeping tablets should be avoided, as one may

become dependent on them, and even addicted.

There are some non-addictive over the counter

tablet brands such as Simply Sleep that can work

great for an occasional solution, but should only

be taken until your internal sleep clock is reset.

There are plenty of Apps for smart phones and

tablets to download relating to improving sleep.

Relaxation Techniques

Anxiety, stress, and insomnia are all partners in

crime. Learn how to relax, and you will be able

to get rid of all three issues. Muscle relaxation is

one of these techniques. Tense up your muscles

for several seconds, then relax them, to feel the

difference between the two. Yoga is a fantastic

way to help you clear your mind (and also stretch

your muscles) through meditation. If you follow a

regular exercise program you can relieve stress

which will help you become tired enough to fall

asleep. However, it shouldn’t be performed within

two hours of when you plan on sleeping.

Keep The Noise Level Down

People are quite different when it comes to noise

sensitivity, but in general, you’ll sleep better when

your bedroom is quiet. If you have lived in a busy

city then such things as, sirens, revving engines,

and passing airplanes perhaps won’t wake you,

but they may still be disruptive to your sleep. If

you cannot eliminate noise, try to mask it with a

fan, white noise, or some other soothing sounds.

Earplugs are also cheap and easy to use.


As with over thinking, anxiety can keep you up at

night. Anxiety keeps your mind busy as you worry

and think of outcomes to stressful situations. You

may find that you are becoming preoccupied with

finding solutions.

Remedies To Sleepless Nights


Your bedroom should be inviting and calm. Clear

clutter and invest in some high quality sheets and

a comforter, preferably in a relaxing colour. You

can add flowers, photos, pictures or any number

of things that will make you feel calm and safe

to create a relaxing environment. Avoid having a

television in your room. Avoid using your bed for

things such as eating, reading, or working, so that

you then are conditioned to associate it only for


Sleep Cycle

Establishing a regular cycle is important. And, try

not to nap. No matter how tempting it could be,

you will only find it harder to fall asleep once bed

time comes. It will throw off your body’s internal

sleep-wake clock.

Keep A Journal

Write down whatever is bothering you. A majority

of people find it difficult to sleep when they are

worried. Once you write everything down, you can

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