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active role together in finding and choosing a safe

place for them to live. It is essential for caregivers

and students to talk about all aspects of safety in

how their life will be. Whether returning to school

or leaving home for the first time, a full and frank

discussion about good safety practices can help

to ensure this exciting time in the student’s life is

not marred by tragedy.



1. Look While You Cook:

Stay in the kitchen when

cooking especially if you maybe using oil or high

temperatures. If a cooking pot catches fire, have

a proper-fitting pot lid handy that can be slid over

the pot and the stove turned off. Cooking requires

constant attention! Distractions like the television,

computersorcellphones,caneasily leadtoatragic

cooking fire.

2. Candle With Care:

If you like to use candles in

your room or apartment, keep them away from

anything that could catch fire and place them in

a hurricane chimney or safe sturdy holder with a

glass shade. Place them only where they cannot

be knocked over and blow them out when leaving

the room.

3. Keep An Eye On Excessive Drinkers:


is an often common factor in many fire fatalities

involving cooking and smoking. Always be aware

of roommates and friends who’ve been drinking.

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As students prepare to move into shared or rented

accommodations to attend a college or university,

parents, guardians and students should take an

Do they cook at home often?

How clean do they usually keep their place?

When do they choose to do their housework and

how often?

What type of music do they enjoy listening to?

Are there times that are set aside for quiet time?

How quiet will weekends be?

Do they own anything that may be noisy such

as a guitar, drums, pets, etc.?

Does the person have a boyfriend/girlfriend and,

if so, how often will they be spending the night?

Do they like to throw large parties, and will they

inform you in advance?

Do they clean up right after the party?

How will the bills be taken care of?

What if one of the two wants to leave early?What amenities would be shared? (bathroom

supplies, cleaning supplies, food etc.).

Does the person smoke? If so, do they smoke

inside or outside?

Do they consume alcohol? To what extent?

Does the person do drugs?

Is there any kind of food that you are allergic to

that they need to know about and visa versa?

Are you living in a safe accommodation?

What will you do in the event of a fire?

Will you be alerted if a fire occurs?

Are you practicing fire safe behaviour?

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