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4. Smoke Outside:

Establish rules for smokers. If

you permit smoking inside, then use large sturdy

ashtrays so that they can’t be easily tipped over.

Ashtrays should only ever be emptied into metal

containers, not into a garbage can or bag.

5. Use Electricity Wisely:

Toasters, coffee makers

and microwaves should be plugged directly into

an outlet. If you have to use an extension cord,

buy one that is the correct gauge for the appliance

and has a CSA or a ULC approval mark on the

label. CSA or ULC approved power bars may be

used for stereo equipment, computers and lights.

6. Clear The Clutter:

Keep things that burn away

from heat sources like stove-tops, space heaters

and electronic equipment. Tea towels and paper

too close to burners can catch fire. Keep space

heaters at least one metre away from bedding,

furniture and curtains.

7. Working Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

It’s The Law!:

Your accommodation must have at

all times working smoke and carbon monoxide

alarms. Test them monthly and notify the landlord

immediately if they’re not working. Dead batteries

must be replaced straight away. Nuisance alarms

can be avoided by making sure any smoke alarms

are not located close to the kitchen or bathroom.

You might consider getting a smoke alarm with a

hush feature. Smoke alarms should be checked

after any extended absence such as Christmas

break or DST change and reading week. Never

tamper with or disable a smoke alarm.

8. Plan To Escape:

Know two separate ways out

of your accommodation in case of fire. Identify all

exits andmake sure you can use them. If you live in

a high-rise, familiarize yourself with the building’s

fire safety plan. If you discover fire, call 911 from

a safe location outside.

9. Be Equipped:

To stay safe, all students should

put together a package that includes smoke and

carbon monoxide alarms, a lantern or flashlight

(battery powered), a radio, some extra batteries

and a CSA or ULC approved power bar.



Treat yourself to a really good, sturdy small



Use track lighting aimed at walls to free up floor

space and create an expansive feeling.


Install lighting inside closets so you can see

what is in there. They’ll be easier to maintain and

you will gain the feeling of more space.


Clean your windows often so that more light

comes in and your view is not blocked.


Go totally wireless, transfer all your music to

your computer or MP3 player and sell your Cd’s.


Use full spectrum light bulbs to energize and

enliven your home.


Have lots of dinner parties. People will socialize

better in small spaces. And, as an added bonus,

apartment occupants who entertain tend to take

better care of their homes.

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