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scammers are looking to try and get your money

up front, and move on to the next victim. Here are

some tips to ensure you are not taken advantage


Ask To See The Property In Person

If the owner or agent refuses to give you access to

the rental unit, ask the reason why. If they cannot

give you a believable answer, such as it is under

renovation or repair, or that the previous tenants

have not moved out, get them to schedule a date

further into the foreseeable future. Then if they

still deny attempts to view the property, consider

it a scam and move on to the next rental prospect.

They Want Your Money Up Front

Western Union, online money transfer, or money

order should raise a red flag to you. Paying for

any rental unit up front is not a common practice.

Usually, the landlord will inform you that you have

been granted use of the rental property, ask you

to meet to sign a lease, and payment is given in

the form of a cheque. Payment of the last months

rent is normally provided upon signing the lease

and not before.

It’s Too Good To Be True

Any large, two bedroom apartment for less than

$1,000 a month offered in a great area, close to

Spacious, Cozy and Downtown 613-237-2111 1-800-661-5495 25 Cartier St. Ottawa Ontario K2P 1J2 Spacious apartment suites Wi-fi High Speed Internet Corporate Rates Shingles & Tile Roo ng Flat Roo ng Metal Roo ng Other Services 613-521-0088 1054 Hunt Club Road


Living off campus for your first year is an option

should dorms not be satisfactory. Here are some

tips to use when looking for accommodations.

Get To Know The Area

If you do not know very much about the area you

are moving to, try to check it out before you arrive,

either at an open day or by asking your student

housing officer for information about districts and

travelling time to your campus.

If you are thinking of sharing, keep in mind that

most student houses have usually between three

and six bedrooms. With more people, it might be

worth splitting the group when your trying to find

somewhere suitable.

How To Avoid Being Scammed Online

When looking for a rental, a lot of people would

turn to online sites. It is an easy and quick way to

find a place. However, many times the rental ads

on these sites turn out to be harmful scams. The

Set a price range with an absolute maximum.

What types of housing you want (A room in a

family home, an apartment or a student house).

Make a list of the features that you absolutely

need and can’t live without (like a washer and

dryer in the house).

Also list some things that you really want but

can live without (like a dishwasher, AC, patio,

or deck).

You could also do the opposite and list things

you don’t want such as (smoking, pets, a house

on a busy, loud street).

Figure out how far away you want to be from the

school. If taking the bus, do you want to be one

bus away or would you be okay with taking two

with a transfer, or bus and subway?

Would you rather have all utilities included in

the rent, or do you have the option to pay those

separately on a month to month basis?

How many people do you want to live with?