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take on the responsibility. Ask if you can alternate

weekly. If they have an allergy, consider getting a

HEPA vacuum and air filter. It will reduce the dust

substantially and perhaps eliminating the chore


Do Your Laundry Once A Week

Create a laundry fund that the both of you can

access and accumulate your spare change in.

That way, when it comes to laundry day, you will

both have plenty of toonies, loonies, and quarters

for whatever combination of coins the machine

takes to take with you to the laundromat.

Do Your Dishes Immediately After Eating

A lot of people struggle with this method, thinking

as they put their dirty dishes in the sink, that they

will do them at a later time. But by the end of a few

days, all the dishes will have been used and you

may not have any paper plates to compensate. If

you live alone, try doing the dishes after you eat

for thirty days. That way, it will become a habit,

instead of a chore. If you live with a room mate,

ask them to dry while you wash the dishes, and

vice versa. Do your prep-dishes, pots, and pans

before you eat, while the food is still loose and

wet. Also try to use only one fork, knife, spoon,

plate and cup. Don’t forget to put the dishes away

once they are done!

Clean The Fridge Out Weekly

This will help reduce waste and make it easier for

you to do your shopping. Also, making meals will

be a snap. Use any items that are about to expire.

There are even sites online that allow you to input

your ingredients, and suggest meals to cook.

Clean And De-clutter Surfaces Regularly

Nothing is more frustrating than going to prepare

a meal, and not having enough space to do your

prep work. Tables, counter tops, and preparation

areas should be free of all debris and sanitized.

Keep a tub of bleach wipes handy on the counter

for an easy and quick cleanup. Use coasters so

that your tables don’t get moisture rings on them.

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transportation and stores. If it sounds too good

to be true, then it probably isn’t. Scammers spin

stories like they are about to leave for Europe or

another destination, and need someone to take

care of their home. One room or basement living

is most commonly described. They will tell you

that once they receive your funds, they will send

you the keys to the rental by mail.

Remember, if it doesn’t feel legitimate, don’t do it.

Move on to the next rental on your list. Never give

your personal, credit card, or banking information

to a stranger via email.


College and University can be a big challenge. An

even bigger challenge can be keeping your living

space tidy and well organized. Between classes,

studying, and the occasional party, you barely

have time to clean! Keeping your space tidy helps

you to complete schoolwork, relax, and feel much

more at ease. If you have a room mate, then it will

keep the tension to a minimum. Finding clothes

all over the floor and week long take out leftovers

in the fridge can create a negative situation that

neither party wants to be in.

If you do have a room mate, share all the chores

between the both of you. If one of you does not

like to dust, then the other should be the one to