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Table of Content

Select this option to display a list of

different categories that are within

the Guide. You can then expand

each category to show the editorial

further expand to list specific sections of an



Select this option to display a list of

all pages within the Guide. You can

quickly scroll through and see small

images of individual pages and click

on a page image to select it which will open the

Handbook at the page selected.

Mouse Wheel Zoom

Alternatively when you have

zoomed in to single page view you

can use the wheel on your mouse

to further zoom in or out.

Mouse Left Click Navigation

When you have zoomed to single

page view and the level of zoom

you have chosen causes less than

the complete page to display, you

can click and hold down the left button of your

mouse and any movement of your mouse with

allow for portions of the page to be dragged in

and out of view.

Page Curl

Another way can change the pages

viewed is to use your mouse to left

click hold and drag any of the four

corners of the Guide. Also you can use the

arrows that show on page sides.

Zoom Bar

If you have zoomed in to a single page view, an

additional bar will display. By moving the slide

control of the zoom bar towards either the plus

or minus sings will further zoom the page view

in or out.

Page Selection

You can navigate through pages using the

different arrows. The double arrows will navigate

to the front or back covers respectively. Likewise

the single arrows allow you to move from one

page to another either forward or backwards

respectively. You can use the centre boxed arrow

control to stop and start and automated slide

show that scrolls forward through the Handbook.

Page Number Selection

Page Number Selection shows

the page or pages being viewed. You can type in

a specific page number and jump directly to view

those pages.

Search Guide

Not sure what it is you looking for? Just type in

a word or a phrase to search the Guide. Things

like “need a job”, “order in“, “place to crash“, or

“medical clinics“ and then click on the link shown.


You can bookmark the pages that

have articles or advertisements of

interest to you that you’ll wish to read

more than once. When a page has

been bookmarked you can simply click on any

bookmark that you have saved and open the

Guide at the relative page.

Share This

Easily share any page, or spread

the entire Handbook with others by

email or using social media groups

such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,

MySpace, Tumblr, Blogger, and more.

Toggle Sound

By default sounds are enabled but

at any time you can choose to toggle

on or off.


You can switch to view the Guide in

Full Screen mode. However, due to

the limitations that some browsers

impose certain functions will become



You can zoom page views in or out

using thsi control. When you zoom in

the view changed to single page. To

return to the default two page spread

view, click the control again to zoom back out.

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