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Stunt Driving / 50km Over

The police must suspend your licence and impound

our car for 7 days right at the roadside if you are

being charged with this offence. Upon conviction

you face additional penalties of 6 demerit points,

$2,000-$10,000 fine, the chance of up to 6 months

imprisonment, and up to 2 years licence suspension.

Drinking And Driving

Drinking and driving is a serious offence in

Canada and if convicted will leave you with a

criminal record. You can be charged with a few

different charges, which include Impaired Driving,

having over 0.08mg of blood alcohol content, or

failing to provide the officer with a breath sample

upon request. If you find yourself convicted, you

could face fines up to $50,000, imprisonment and

a licence suspension.

Why Fight Convictions?

When you get convicted of a ticket, you are going

to receive demerit points and a conviction on your

record. You will then have to pay a fine to the

courts. In addition to that expense, convictions

play a large role in the way insurance companies

asses the risk to insuring you and can increase

your rates accordingly. This could cost you tons

of money over the course of your conviction.

You should not plead guilty until you know what

you are guilty of. The only way to know that is

to get the officer’s side of the story, which is

disclosed in the evidence they will use against

you. Were you speeding or was it the black car

behind you?

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Students who have financial needs may apply

for grant assistance, also known as bursaries,

provided that the acceptable academic standings

have been maintained. Applications are available

after your school registration in September from

the candidate’s faculty. Grants normally range in

value from $400 to $1,000 dollars.

International students could also be eligible to

be considered and qualify for grant assistance.

However, because Canada Immigration requires

that all international students are to show that

they have adequate resources before admitting

them into Canada, then the grant will normally be

awarded only if the student’s circumstances have

changed since their arrival. In no instance is the

amount likely to be sufficient to cover a student’s

total educational costs. On the basis of individual

needs some graduate grants and bursaries may

be available to full time graduate students.

Special or part-time students may be ineligible.

Funding is quite limited and is specifically only

for emergencies that arise from any unforeseen

circumstances. First year students are normally

not deemed eligible for consideration. Students

that have scholarship support will not be eligible

for bursary funding. Applications should be made

through the graduate co-ordinator or chair.

options, pay the ticket or miss your court date you

are automatically found guilty with all penalties

that are associated with it.

Guilty With An Explanation

– This option is

disappearing from the back of tickets quickly.

Guilty is Guilty. However if you want to select

this option, you will have the opportunity to

explain yourself in hopes that the FINE will

be reduced. All other penalties will remain the


First Attendance

– This is a new option that

appears more and more. This option allows

you to speak with the prosecutor and try to

negotiate a different charge. Unlike Guilty with

an explanation, you are not accepting guilt to

the charge, but hopefully pleading guilty to

a lesser offence. Make sure you understand

what the penalties are for the new charge

before you plead guilty. Representation would

be useful as paralegals understand what you

were charged with and if the new resolution is

beneficial in anyway.


– You request your day in court. Make

sure you are well equipped on this day. Some

courts may offer you a resolution on this date,

others will not. Remember the trial is supposed

to determine if you are guilty of the charge, not

to what degree you are guilty. Again in this

situation, a paralegal is a valuable tool.