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If your application is received after the first 45

days of your study period, but no later than 90

days before the end of your study period, you will

be eligible for OSAP funding from the date your

application is received until the end of your study


OSAP Appeals

OSAP uses a standard way of calculating your

financial need to determine how much you are

entitled to receive. Your situation could not be

classified as ‘regular’ and as a result the money

you receive may not cover all of your expenses.

OSAP Loan Default

Students that have previously defaulted on their

Canada or Ontario Student Loan’s are ineligible

for further assistance unless certain criteria are


OSAP Loan Overpayment

A loan overpayment exists when a student has

received or has negotiated loans in excess of his

or her current OSAP entitlement.


There are basically four levels of court in Canada.

First there are provincial/territorial courts, which

handle the great majority of cases that come into

the system. Second are the provincial/territorial

superior courts. These courts deal with the more

serious crimes and they also take appeals from

any provincial/territorial court judgments. On the

same level, but responsible for different issues,

is the Federal Court. At the next level there are

the provincial/territorial courts of appeal and the

Federal Court of Appeal, while the highest level is

occupied by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Outline Of Canada’s Court System

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Matters may be referred to the Supreme Court

by the Provincial Courts of Appeal, or by the

Federal Court of Appeal, and also by the Court

Martial Appeal Court (which hears all appeals

deriving from the military courts). The provincial

courts of appeal receive appeals from provincial

and territorial superior courts; these courts in turn

receive referrals from the provincial courts, as

well as provincial administrative tribunals. The

Federal Court of Appeal receives appeals from

the Federal Court and the Tax Court of Canada.

The Federal Court also takes referrals from

federal administrative tribunals.


Show Me The Money

Topping out:

Western University offers the most

for scholarships and/or bursaries at $1-4 million.

Georgian College tops all the Community College

list at $140,625.

And not just for A Students:

TD Canada Trust’s

Community Leadership Scholarships offers up to