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BMO Suggests All Students Should

Devise and develop a budget which includes all

of your general living and any social expenses,

transportation, textbooks, supplies, computers.

Ask for them and take advantage of many student

discounts offered. Also see our website for tons

of exclusively negotiated student discounts.

Regularly re-evaluate your financial needs.

Expect the unexpected and be prepared for extra

costs.(books, flat tire, trip home, medical).

Review regularly your financial commitments like

loans, tuition, shelter, food etc... and adjust your

spending. Know your financial obligations.


Tips On How Not To Be Scammed

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Scrutinize and research the sources.

Check for affiliate links and fees.

Research throughly every request received.

Ask for more information.

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$70,000 and require just a 75% average. Canada

Student Grants are for students with dependents,

a disability, or require financial assistance.

Look beyond school:

Some employers, such as

Tim Horton’s offers grants. A union membership

could also qualify you for funds. UFCW (United

Food and Commercial Workers) has scholarships

for members and their dependents.

Spread the risk:

It is easier to obtain five $5,000

scholarships that no one has applied for than one

$25,000 award everyone has applied for.

Niche interest advantage:

A student who may

play ringette (a sport invented in North Bay) is

eligible for up to a $1,000 award. Ever heard of

ringette? Exactly!


In Ontario the legal age the for you to consume

alcohol is 19. A licensed establishment is allowed

to serve you drinks between 11am and 2am with

all alcohol to be removed from tables by 3am.

To get married in Ontario, the consenting partners,

18 and older, must first obtain a marriage licence.

Submit the application (available online) with two

pieces of valid ID, along with the required $100 to

$150 fee. It is generally processed within a day,

then valid for 90 days. Same sex marriages have

been legal in Canada since 2003.

Application forms for just about any government

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