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Three Biggest Money Mistakes

No money management plan for when your living

away from home.

Too little understanding of how credit cards really

work, including that any interest will commence

to be charged on cash advances the instant they

are taken.

Unaware of the importance of credit scores and

how a low or a bad score will impact your ability to

get a job and secure accommodation.

How To Manage Your Money

Learning money management for when you are

attending university or college is a very essential

skill to have now and also one for in the future.

There are more costs than just tuition fees and

accommodation, things such as food (if you’re not

living in catered halls), travel costs, insurance,

course requirements (books, equipment etc), bills

and leisure activities. Make sure you know what

you will need, how much of it your going to need,

and how you’ll have to pay for it. Other things to

think about:

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Don’t carry your credit cards with you to cut

down on impulse purchases.

Don’t shop for groceries when you are hungry.

Limit eating out and find deals like 2 for 1 or any

other bargains that are available for students.

Rent DVD’s instead of going to the movies, or

go online to view movies or TV shows for free.

Buy clothes you don’t need to dry clean.

Look into transportation alternatives such as car

pooling, public transit, or even cycling.

Packing your lunch is cheaper and healthier.

Buy “new to you” used books, second hand

clothes or furniture at a fraction of the cost.

Take advantage of the many student discounts

on entertainment, goods and services available.

Go online to see what entertainment is going on

in the city for free or at a discount for students.

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